Yearly Archives: 2014

Building a Feminist White House

White House photo_300x200

At this year’s PAC fundraiser at the 2014 National NOW Conference, members helped NOWPAC build our own little White House. Our goal? To begin the tough work of ensuring that a feminist take the real White House in 2016! The fundraiser was a huge success, with funds going to NOWPAC projects like the Feminist Field Force.

Right-Wing Extremism on the Rise


As well-established conservative leaders falter and fail, even more right-wing candidates like Brat and McDaniel are rising to take their place. The GOP proves, yet again, that it is dysfunctional, divided, and increasingly extremist.



Statewide Office Ohio Secretary of State: Nina Turner Ohio Attorney General: David Pepper Ohio Auditor: John Patrick Carney County Offices Franklin County Auditor: Mike Schadek Franklin County Judge: Mary Jo Kilroy Franklin County Judge: Jennifer Brunner Hamilton County Judge: Jennifer Branch