Deborah Ross (D-NC U.S. Senate)

Deborah Ross
Deborah Ross

NOW is proud to announce its endorsement for Deborah Ross, in her race for the Senate seat currently held by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). A lifelong proponent for women’s rights, including health insurance, equal pay, and paid family leave, Deborah has been fighting alongside North Carolinians for their future, their children’s future, their economic equity, and their rights.

A Devoted Public Servant

Deborah served in North Carolina’s State House from 2003-2013 as a representative. She spared no effort to grow North Carolina’s economy, support small businesses, increase access to quality public education, and improve the state’s infrastructure. She also worked on improving government accountability and supporting ethic reforms. She also pushed through laws to improve justice for victims of domestic abuse.

Feminist Politics:

  • Fought for expanded and improved healthcare for all North Carolinians that aimed to make sure all people had healthcare, regardless of pre-existing conditions, gender, or income
  • Supports measures to fund child care in North Carolina, close the gender pay gap, and guarantee paid sick leave for North Carolina’s workers
  • Sponsored comprehensive legislation to help protect victims of domestic violence and crack down on offenders
  • Introduced a measure that banned employers from paying employees differently based on gender, and she plans to continue this fight by pushing for a national fair pay act
  • Supports a policy of ensuring accessible abortion services for all women, the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions, and government funds to abortion providers

Race for the Senate

On September 19th, Deborah rolled out her plan to strengthen economic security, health, and safety for women and families, highlighting her policy ideas for equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, supporting women in leadership, ending violence against women, ending the rape kit backlog, providing reproductive health care to women, and other efforts to ensure women’s safety, equity, and choices in their families and workplaces. The plan embodies the core value of her campaign: fairness, equality, and opportunity.

Deborah is running against Richard Burr, who wrote a plan to privatize Medicare, would hurt North Carolina seniors by increasing premiums by 9%, costing them hundreds of dollars more per year, and by raising the eligibility age.

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