Denny Heck (D-WA 10th, U.S. House)

Denny Heck
Denny Heck (D-WA 10th Congressional District)

The 10th district of Washington was created in 2011, and since 2012 has been represented by Democratic Rep. Denny Heck. Heck has been a reliable and responsive representative to his diverse constituency. A former businessman, state legislator, and chief of staff to Washington Governor Booth Gardner, Heck understands that his constituents deserve better opportunities and that they deserve to know what their government is doing to help them. Heck is the co-founder of TVW, a state version of CSPAN, which airs unedited coverage of the Washington State Legislature and the Washington Supreme Court, giving constituents the opportunity to keep track of the actions of elected officials. Since his election to Congress, Heck was honored to be tapped to serve as Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Recruitment Committee, which aims at executing “strategies that will ensure the House Democrats’ success in 2016.”

Heck has been an avid and outspoken supporter of NOW’s core issues, including closing the wage gap, reproductive rights, violence against women, and racial justice. Heck trusts “women to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families without politicians getting in the way,” and has visited with a local Planned Parenthood in Olympia, WA to “learn more about the community they serve.” When it comes to the Violence Against Women Act, Heck strongly supported its reauthorization, and wants to extend the bill’s reach to Native American women, college students, and members of the LGBT community. Heck has routinely supported these communities through his legislative agenda, as can be seen by his co-sponsoring of the Equality Act and his initiative to change the name of the Nisqually National Wildlife Refugee so that it honors the tribal leader and known activist, Billy Frank Jr. NOW PAC is confident that Denny Heck will continue to be a valuable ally in the fight for equality, and we look forward to working with him.

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