Eric Lynn (D-FL, 13th Congressional District)

Eric Lynn (FL-13) Profile

Eric Lynn, a former Obama administration official in the Pentagon tasked with helping to end “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and combating sexual assault and rape within the military, is unquestioningly the strongest supporter of women’s rights running in a contested primary in Florida’s 13th district. Lynn, a self-described “life-long progressive,” is not only proud to be a feminist who “advocated for [his] female colleagues at the Pentagon”, but vows to continue NOW’s fight for equality by working to repeal all laws that limit women’s access to safe abortion services and by adding an Equal Rights Amendment to both the United States’ Constitution and Florida’s Constitution. Lynn is also in favor of increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage of $15 per hour. Eric Lynn understands that the issues of reproductive rights, economic success, and civil rights for all are interconnected, and knows that we must fight for women on all issue fronts. NOW PAC is looking forward to working with Eric Lynn when he is elected to achieve full equality for women.

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