Feminist Field Force

In 2012, NOW PAC issued a successful call to feminist activists urging them to engage in political field work to elect feminists and dozens of activists responded. In 2013, NOW PAC, renamed its activist volunteer base the Feminist Field Force. That year we coordinated the political volunteerism of dozens of activists, making the difference in vital issues and contests in New Jersey and Virginia.

This election cycle, we must reactivate the Feminist Field Force to preserve a Senate majority which supports our rights, and fight district by district to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speakers’ Chair. If you have time to volunteer to elect feminists to office in your community or a neighboring state, please let us know. If you can volunteer for a week or longer, we can send you to help in a crucial election in a further district.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Feminist Field Force please fill out this form!