Our Unique Work

As an independent, non-partisan committee, NOW/PAC endorses candidates who take uncompromising stands on feminist issues — including both women and men of any political affiliation.

NOW PACs use innovative grassroots organizing strategies to help candidates break through the political glass ceiling. NOW PACs target states and districts where feminist candidates flood the ticket at all levels, and activists mobilize support for all the races (including any important ballot measures) in one coordinated campaign. We also recruit and endorse strong feminists early in their political careers, recognizing that a candidate may have to run more than once to win.

With NOW’s dedicated membership, its reputation as the leading grassroots feminist organization in the U.S., and its network of hundreds of chapters, the NOW PACs offer distinct benefits to both the candidates and the causes we support, as well as to the people who contribute to them. The NOW PAC “seal of approval” and the engine behind it are highly valuable to candidates. And many voters rely on a NOW PAC endorsement to guide them to the best candidates for women’s rights. Donors to NOW PACs can rest assured that their money is being channeled toward electing strong, pro-woman candidates.